Reception of licensed representative of customer care:

Given Name:

Surname name:

National ID:

Name of father:

Date of Birth:

Day/Month/ Year:

Place of Issue:

Academic Certificate: Diploma/ Associate Degree/ Bachelor degree/ Master degree/ PhD

Postal Code:

Military Service Status: Exempted/ Accomplished/ not Accomplished


Personal documents browse:


Address of representation place:





Status of representation place: personal/ leased/ Goodwill

Representation place position: On the main street/ On a side street / not on the grand floor/ others

Date and number of Businnes License from union:



Day/ Month/ year

Field of Expertise:

Experience in video/Audio devices' repair:

Training and Professional courses:

Name of the Institute:

Duration of courses:

Did you apply for representation?


Day/ Month/ Year


Do you have other jobs?

Who were the people representing you to our Company?

Your Technical Equipment and tools:

Do you Know English Language?

Do you have criminal records?


Name of two of your representatives:

Given name & Surname:                         Tel:


I certify that all answers given herein are true and complete to the best of my knowledge and I pledge I give the best services of customer care and I understand that false information given or probable delinquency caused by nonconformity of company criteria may result in discharge.

Given name & Surname:                         Tel:

Day/ Month/ year:

Photos of inside the place browse:

Business License photo browse:



Completion of the application form

  1. ID card copy
  2. National Card copy
  3. 3 photo (3*4)
  4. Graduation documents and vocational degrees
  5. Copy of ownership documents / lease documents
  6. Copy of business license (Having the original of license is mandatory)
  7. DSL subscription documents (if necessary)
  8. Photos from inside and outside of representation place (entrances, workshop, acceptance and delivery place, office equipment, equipment and tools).
  9. Criminal Record clearance (if necessary)
  10. No-addiction test (clearance)
  11. Check on Shahab co. for 10000000 Rials to 100000000 Rials.

  12.      Note:
    1. Completion of the documents means no responsibility to accept or grant of representation
    2. Processing time of documents is based on the time needed to check it, and company will contact you if necessary.
    3. No-addiction and criminal record clearance must be provided by the end of the trial period. 



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