Shahab co policy
Qualitative, Environmental, Safety, health and Customer care
Shahab co. intention as one of the most experienced and the most valid of audio-video products such as: TV, vacuum cleaner, and washing machine, is to gain its proper position in manufacturing and supply aforementioned products, and presents the most desirable services with aim of costumer care, qualitative development of products, environmental protection, safety protocols and workplace hygiene and employees according to ISO 10002:2014 , ISO 10004:2012 , ISO 9001:2008 ,ISO 14001:2004 , OHSAS 18001:2007 to access the following objectives:
Develop of customer's satisfaction through understanding and meeting their needs and expectations:
• Responsiveness and neutral investigation of operation of organization units for complaints and customer's loyalty.
• Commitment and loyalty of organization to maintain and development of code of conduct in accordance with the charter of consumer rights
• Recognition the root cause to settlement of complaints and achieve to consumer satisfaction.
• Promotion of customers' level of knowledge about use, maintenance and work with the modern technologies of company's products.
• Increasing of production and growth of product's diversity and maintain the quality.
• Develop and promote of cooperation with credible foreign brands to get benefit from world's leading technologies.
• General and continuous efforts in order to achieve to constantly improve the quality of products, activities and services.
• Improve of personnel's awareness, knowledge, and skills
• Prevention of undesirable environmental consequences (water, soil, and air pollution) due to activities and optimal use of natural resources.
• Development of personnel, workplace, machinery's hygiene and safety and prevention of injuries and sickness.
Company's CEO with cooperation of personnel, with declaration of their obligation to requirements and demands of management systems and compliance with rules, regulations, and standards related to the industry, with periodic and regular meetings to control the management, emphasis on its continuous and effectiveness, and with choosing his agent, ensures of its consistency and proportionality.
Our Mission
Shahab Co. is a trading co. owned by Kosar economic organization that efforts meanwhile increasing development in region and internal market, also take actions in accordance with dominant values of Islamic Republic of Iran regime and Kosar economic organization to manufacture, sell, and provide services in electronic industry and related industries and services based on desirable skills, expertise, organizational commitment, human resources, proper technology, and professional knowledge.
Our Vision
• Company plans in 2018 horizon vision, according to its organizational vision is to become one the three premier manufacturers in TV industry, and has a proper place in production of home appliances and audio-video and presents the most desirable services in order to increase the satisfaction of customers.
• The company also plans beside maintain and develop the assets of company and beneficiaries, be one of the best and the most famous brands inside and outside of country.
• Maintain its competitive ability to compete with foreign brands based on producing advantages such as: diversity of products, constant improvement in efficiency and product's quality using capable R&D unit.
Our long Term Goals
• Increase customer satisfaction
• Improving productivity
• Increase market share
• Create an environment to growth of human capital
• Profitability growth
• Utilization of a capable R&D unit

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